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Apricot – A brand apart

Fruit names seem to fit with meaningful brands that carry innovation and rich personality. Apple of course, Blackberry… and Apricot.

Apricot Computers is the story of a British firm with a start-up spirit, who decided in 1982 to enter the newly born Personal Computer market. Through audacious technical and design choices, with the audacity to distinguish itself from the IMB PC clones and Wintel rules.

Who owned up to 30% market share in the UK, extended its sales in the USA and was ahead of IBM in the mid-80s in Europe?

8 June 1990

Speech recognition system for PC

Who was the first to launch speech recognition system for PC… in 1984?

Who introduced the first 3.5’’ floppy drive? The infrared trackball ? The keyboard with programmable functions keys along with a built-in LCD screen?

Who decided to deliver stylish designs, high resolution screens (800×400 in 1983), through a fully integrated conception in Scotland, allowing to manufacture in the early 90s one of the world’s most secure x86-based PCs?

Apricot, a maverick brand with the intact seed to grow again

The answer is Apricot, a brand apart, a brand with unusual form factors in a market dominated by standardized ‘’beige boxes’’, and with a long running pattern of tenaciously investing in technical innovation.

Apricot, a maverick brand with the intact seed to grow again.